How to get your license back after DUI

Getting your license reissued after DUI

If your license gets suspended after your DUI arrest, then before you can get your license back, you must comply with the following DMV requirements:-

  1. Serve a specified period of suspension or revocation
  2. Provide the DMV with the following:
    • A Department of Motor Vehicles Ordered Verification of Ignition Interlock, DL 924, form.
    • An alcohol treatment program Proof of Enrollment Certificate, DL 107, or Notice of Completion Certificate, DL 101 form.
    • A California Insurance Proof Certificate, SR 22.
  3. Pay all applicable reinstatement fees and a $45 administrative service fee.

Once you comply with all reinstatement requirements, DMV will restrict you to drive only vehicles equipped with a certified Ignition Interlock Device (in addition to any other applicable restrictions) until your IID restriction ends.

SR-22 – Proof of car insurance

You are going to have to obtain an SR-22 from your insurance company to get your license back from the DMV.

An SR-22 is the only document that the California DMV will accept as proof you have car insurance.

You have to ask your insurance company for the SR-22 document, and it usually tips them off that you have a DUI, and your insurance company will do one of three things to you:

  • Cancel you
  • Increase your insurance premiums
  • Or do nothing.

A DUI on your driver’s license record in California can lead to much higher insurance rates.

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