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los angeles dui lawyer

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

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A tradition of helping people with their DUIs in Los Angeles County

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For assistance with ALL your DUI problems, and for a Free Legal Consultation with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer, please call us at these numbers.


Phone: (310) 285-1516 during business hours 8:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday.  SE HABLA ESPANOL

Afterhours DUI Hotline

For urgent advice after-hours, call (310) 864-5446 to speak directly to a Los Angeles DUI Attorney after 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends. SE HABLA ESPANOL.

Call for a free legal consultation regarding your case.


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Our Services

Free legal consultations

Phone the above numbers for a free legal consultation with a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer regarding your case.

Alternatives to Jail Time for DUI

If you face jail for DUI, our law office has a very successful track record of obtaining alternatives to Los Angeles County Jail which allow people to keep working and stay out of jail.

Dropped charges

If your DUI Breath Results were .07 or .08 and your case is in Division 60, 1945 S. Hill Street, or your case is in Division 103 of the Van Nuys Court Los Angeles, call our office immediately because we have an excellent track record of getting the DUI charges dropped in these cases with these breath results.


Please call us (310) 285-1516 if you have a probation violation in Los Angeles to discuss the courthouse you are in and what judge you have to go in front of, and how we can help you avoid jail time.

Should you hire your own DUI Lawyer?

Can a private DUI lawyer help with your defense? Whether it is worth hiring a DUI lawyer is something you need to think about. Call us at (310) 285-1516 to help you answer this question. We will go over with you the advantages and disadvantages of representing yourself, using the public defender or hiring your own DUI lawyer.

Here are some examples of how a private DUI lawyer can potentially help you with your DUI defense:

  • Assess the case and counsel you on your options.
  • Try to protect you from any additional punishment.
  • Go to court for you so you do not have to go, and appear in court in front of the judge on your behalf.
  • Handle your DMV hearing for you and help you with your license.
  • Conduct Investigation and Discovery in the case to determine how trustworthy and strong the Government’s evidence is against you and evaluate the police officer’s arrest of you.
  • Negotiate a plea bargain for you.
  • Help decide if you want to go to trial or work out a plea bargain with the prosecutor.
  • Help obtain alternatives to jail.
  • Represent you in a jury trial.

Other Traffic Ticket Problems

The Law Office of Pardoe & Associates handle all kinds of traffic ticket problems in all courts in Los Angeles County – see www.helpwithtrafficticket.com

Free Legal Consultation with a Los Angeles DUI Attorney(310) 285-1516