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Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County?

If you were arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County, call us at the following numbers to speak with a DUI Attorney for a free legal consultation.

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(310) 285-1516 Call this number during business hours Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.
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(310) 864-5446 After HoursFor urgent advice after-hours (after 5:30pm week days and on weekends) call this number (310) 864-5446 after hours.
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We can help

Alternatives to Jail Time for DUI

If you face jail for DUI, our law office has a very successful track record of obtaining alternatives to Los Angeles County Jail which allow people to keep working and stay out of jail.

Dropped charges

If your breath results were the following, and you are to appear in the following courthouses:-

  • Your DUI Breath Results were .07 or .08 and your case is in Division 60, 1945 S. Hill Street
  • Your DUI Breath Results were .07 or .08 and your case is in Division 103 of the Van Nuys Court Los Angeles

then call our office immediately because we have an excellent track record of getting the DUI charges dropped in these cases with these breath results.


Please call us if you have a probation violation in Los Angeles to discuss the courthouse you are in and what judge you have to go in front of, and how we can help you avoid jail time.

Is it worthwhile hiring your own DUI lawyer?

Can a private DUI attorney help with your defense? Whether it is worth hiring a DUI attorney is something you need to think about. Call us at (310) 285-1516 to help you answer this question. We will go over with you the advantages and disadvantages of representing yourself, using the public defender or hiring your own DUI attorney.

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