Traffic School

You cannot go to traffic school for a DUI in California nor can you do diversion or deferred entry of judgment for a DUI. (Please note if you are a Military Veteran and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder you might be able to do a diversion program for a DUI.) However, you can do traffic school for traffic tickets.

You always want to be conscious of DMV points, as a DUI puts two DMV points on your license record. If you get charged with a DUI and a Hit and Run, or a DUI and Driving on a Suspended License, you are facing four DMV points from these charges – as a Hit and Run is a two DMV point violation. Driving on a Suspended License also puts two DMV points on your record.

If you get four DMV points in a twelve month period, the DMV will send you a letter stating that your license will be suspended for six months for being a Negligent Operator. You always want to avoid additional DMV points going on your record from traffic tickets so it is always a good idea when you get a traffic ticket for a moving violation like speeding to consider fighting the ticket or requesting traffic school. Remember you can do traffic school once every 18 months to keep a DMV point off your record.

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