How do I get a copy of my Police Report?

It is usually difficult to get your police report from the police before your court date.

Your Police Report is available :-

  • On your first court date. This court date is listed at the bottom of the ticket you were given.
  • If you request a DMV hearing, you can request the DMV to send the Police Report to you approximately 10 days before the DMV Hearing.
  • If you were involved in an accident and California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers arrested you, you can obtain your accident report from the CHP station listed on the bottom of your pink temporary license that was given to you.

About your Police Report

The Police Report usually includes the OFFICER’S STATEMENT which is a special document sent to the DMV with very important information in it:

  • Breath Machine print out of your breath alcohol results
  • Information on your driving
  • Information on Field Sobriety Test Performance

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