DUI Probation Violation

hand cuffs iconIf you are on probation for a prior DUI and you get a new DUI arrest you possibly face what is called a probation violation hearing. This means you must go in front of a judge regarding your old case (usually the judge who sentenced you on the prior DUI) who has the power to send you to jail for violating the terms of your probation such as the condition not to drink and drive with any measurable amount of alcohol. In these situations, your luck depends on what court you are in and which judge you are in front of because you can face significant jail time for probation violations.

Please call us (310) 285-1516 if you have a probation violation in Los Angeles to discuss the courthouse you are in and what judge you have to go in front of, and how we can help avoid jail time. Under new laws you are not allowed to drive with any alcohol in your body while you are on probation and you could now face a one year license suspension if you drink and drive while on probation.