Under 21 DUI

Under 21 DUI California

When you are UNDER 21 and arrested for drinking and driving

California has zero tolerance laws for people who are under 21 and drive with any alcohol in their system.  If you took a breath test or blood test and your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was .01 or more you face a one year license suspension from the DMV.

The court and DMV will attempt to suspend your license for one year. Even when you are under 21 you are still allowed to have a DMV hearing and a stay so make sure you call the DMV within 10 days to request a Hearing and a Stay to fight your suspension.

Critical Need Restricted License

Under the Zero tolerance law, however you can still apply to the court and the DMV for a critical need restricted license which would allow you to drive to school and to work only. Your chances of getting a critical need license from the DMV usually depend on whether public transit is inadequate and if you are helping support your family with your job.

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