How much does a DUI Cost?

Fixed DUI Costs

  • Court Fine – minimum fine of approximately $2,000; If you want, the judge may allow you to do Cal Trans, Community Service, or Jail time instead of paying the fine.
  • 3 month Alcohol Class – minimum cost of approximately $600 (more expensive if you have to take 6, 9 or 18 month class –  See DUI Education).
  • Ignition Interlock devices cost about $60 to $80 per month, with an installation fee of $70 to $150.
  • DMV license Reissue Fee – approximately $180.

In all, a minimum of about $2,780 in Fixed DUI Costs.

Additional Potential DUI Costs

  • DUI Insurance Rates Increase – Your insurance premiums could go up over time.
  • DUI Attorney fees.
  • Accident fees if you are involved in an accident. You might have to pay for the damage you caused and also pay for ambulance, police or fireman services if emergency services are called to the accident scene. You face restitution payments to the victim and also a bill from the LAPD or the CHP for their time arresting you.
  • Other potential DUI costs can include fees for impoundment, and an ignition interlock device.