Category: DUI Process

The following is a summary of the DUI Process after you are arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County.

Understand that you face two separate events – your DMV Hearing and your Court Hearing

After you are arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County, your license will most likely be taken away and you will be given a pink piece of paper which is a 30-day temporary license.  You only have 10 days to call the DMV to ask for a Stay and a Hearing; otherwise your license is subject to automatic suspension at the end of those 30 days in accordance with the Admin Per Se law.

You face two major hurdles ahead of you – your DMV Hearing and your DUI Arraignment.  These are two separate events in two separate institutions which have separate and independent powers to suspend your license.

The DUI penalties you face will vary according to your circumstances.  What were your breath or blood results?  Was this your first, second or third DUI in 10 years?  Were there were any aggravating circumstances?

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