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DUI Alcohol & Drug Education

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Alcohol Education Classes

When you are convicted of a DUI offense in California, the court may order you to complete an Alcohol and Drug Education and Counseling program provided by a state-licensed service provider.

To enroll in one of these programs, you must be referred, either by the court or the DMV.

Note: you must attend these classes in person. The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) [1] does not license ANY internet DUI programs. DUI classes offered via the internet DO NOT meet California’s DUI Program requirements.

Costs in California

A DUI Treatment Program (First Offender) consists of a three-month, 30-hour alcohol and drug education and counseling program.  It costs approximately $500 to $600.

Contact a service provider for more costs.

Service Providers

pdfSee Directory of Service Providers [2] in California

Note: this directory is a little confusing on its first few pages. Continue paging through the directory and you will find a list of service providers sorted by county.

DUI Education programs in California

The following information is from the CA Dept Health Care Services DUI Programs [3].

Wet Reckless Program

Persons convicted of reckless driving with a measurable amount of alcohol in their blood must complete a 12-hour DUI education program.

First Offender Programs

These programs are designed to enable participants to consider attitudes and behavior, support positive lifestyle changes, and reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

18-Month Programs

Second and subsequent DUI offenders must complete an 18-month multiple offender program. Program requirements are:

30-Month Programs

A county may elect to provide 30-month DUI programs for third and subsequent DUI offenders. Los Angeles and Stanislaus Counties have these services available. Program requirements are: